Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dance Part 1

Dance Part 1, really means.....dance recital from last year. ;)  Hopes first full make-up recital and Emma's first recital for a three costume change. 
Hope was my Bipidy-Bopidy-BOOer!  Emma was a modern Ginger, a Star Wars ballerina, and a Charlie Chaplin tapper (of which I can't find any of those photos to post....ahhhh, maybe another day.)  Anyhow, not only a fun day bet very entertaining as well.  Hope loves an audience and landed well in the stage lights having the time of her life.  Emma, oh my dearest Emma....she graced the stage with such poise.  And this year found her natural love for dancing within her soul.  It was if no one was on that stage but her as she held the music in her hand.

Mrs. P!  She is retiring from director of the studio but still going to teach.  So blessed that both girls have gotten to learn how to dance under her!

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