Friday, April 6, 2018

His message, not mine.

Catching up on this beautiful blog, has had me sitting and reading past post.  Reminiscing, rejoicing, and recalling.  Recalling those words I wrote to my girls, but the funny thing, are the exact words God needed me to hear today.  From the post here, I wrote this letter to my 4 year old and 9 year old daughter's after watching Disney's Cinderella movie.  
Dear Emma and Hope, 
Have courage.  Have kindness.  You are beautiful sisters that already show signs of a compassionate heart in each of you. 
Talk to the animals.  Serve even the meanest.  Love people, not things.
Where ever there is kindness, there is goodness.  Promise.
xoxo, Mom

Love people not things.  I think that is hard for some.  They might think they love people, but when true colors come out, it's just a surface love.  It's not a deep love.  Deep love is scary.  Deep love can mean going somewhere uncomfortable.  Deep love can mean loving people not things.  I've run into some of these kind of lovers over the past few months.  It can definitely be hurtful to experience, painful to watch.  Heartbreaking.  But in my own words from 2015, where ever there is kindness, there is goodness.  Compassion.  I believer in compassion.  I believe in kindness.  I believe in loving people not things.  I believe God wanted to remind me of these words today.

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