Saturday, October 6, 2018

These two.

These two are simply the most beautiful thing summer has to offer.  Giggles included.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dance Part 1

Dance Part 1, really recital from last year. ;)  Hopes first full make-up recital and Emma's first recital for a three costume change. 
Hope was my Bipidy-Bopidy-BOOer!  Emma was a modern Ginger, a Star Wars ballerina, and a Charlie Chaplin tapper (of which I can't find any of those photos to post....ahhhh, maybe another day.)  Anyhow, not only a fun day bet very entertaining as well.  Hope loves an audience and landed well in the stage lights having the time of her life.  Emma, oh my dearest Emma....she graced the stage with such poise.  And this year found her natural love for dancing within her soul.  It was if no one was on that stage but her as she held the music in her hand.

Mrs. P!  She is retiring from director of the studio but still going to teach.  So blessed that both girls have gotten to learn how to dance under her!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I ain't afraid of no frog.

When you hear a frog chirping, put Hope on the case.  She followed the sounds to the outdoor toy box and that's where we found this little fella.  Four people around, and I was the one that had to capture it?  Wimps.  They're all wimps, I tell ya.

Wide Open Spaces....

Just look at that face.  Spaces everywhere!  It will never be the same smile again!!!  The top "hillbilly" tooth, as we called it, was a cliffhanger until a routine dentist checkup took care of it.  Then just a few days later here she comes home from school with the bottom tooth missing.  According to the first grader it went a little something like this...

"So I was going across the monkey bars and another girl was coming across facing me.  So I decided we both didn't have enough room to pass each other so I just let go and fell.  It was a crazy fall, I hurt this elbow, then this elbow, then my butt (*butt with two T's).  When I stood up, I was like, whats that rolling around in my mouth?  And I put my fingers in there and it was my tooth!  I guess the fall bumped it out!"

Only her.

So this brings us up to the second visit from the toothfairy in one week.  First one success.  Second one, not so much...apparently Ms. Fairy was overbooked and didn't make it to our house.  The next night something weird happened.  When Hope woke up she got ready for school and mentioned something about forgetting to look under her pillow.  uh oh.  Anyone looking???  I think there might have been a mad dash from the tooth fairy at that very moment.  Shew glad she made it.  Who says the tooth fairy only travels at night?  Where's your imaginations, y'all???  ;)

Wide open spaces.  Sometimes they're in  your mouth, sometimes they're in my your head.

Once there was a Young Author...

And the story goes....
It was your typical Thursday of waking kids up, breakfasts, packing lunches, and sending them off on the big yellow machine that swallows them up every morning.  But then, after the morning sendoffs were completed, I pulled out my cape.  Time to pull out the super mom powers.

See, it was an evening that Hope had been looking forward to for weeks.  She and 20 of her best buddies had spent countless hours creating, writing and illustrating their young authors books.  This evening they would get to use a microphone, sit in the big chair, and read their works of art to an audience of friends and family.  Oh to be famous for a night!!!

I knew this was a big deal to Hope.  I also knew her dad was in Washington DC with a plane arriving in Indy at 5:10.  I also knew the program started at 5:30.  But no worries, I had thought ahead and conversed with the teacher allowing Hope to be the last in her group.  A bit bummed to be last, I reminded Hope "you always save the best for last!"

Still knowing this was a big deal to Hope, I also knew she had dedicated this book to her big sister of which she adores.  I also knew this big sister had a dance practice she couldn't miss because of showcase coming up.  So to soften the blow when Hope found out Emma wasn't going to be there, I decided to buy cake.  Yep, cake.  So during the day, after a doctor's appointment and an emergency trip to the grocery, I bought a special cake.  You know, the special kind that looks so pretty you don't want to eat it...the kind behind the glass that looks like a profession on a TV show made it....ya, that kind of cake.

Did I mention emergency trip to the grocery?  Ya, about that.  See knowing the disappointment of sister being gone, and a chance dad could miss, I still wanted to make this a big deal for Hope.  After all, she's forever been the little sister being drug around for the past 7 years to her sister's big-deal-events.  So I decided to make her favorite supper for her; meatloaf, roasted cauliflower and watermelon.  With no watermelon or cauliflower on hand, I zoomed through grocery and headed home to prep everything.  After all, with a 5:30 performance, we needed to eat supper around 4:15ish.

Grandma and Grandpa were on their way.  They were traveling from afar to come to supper and hear this Young Author in her big debut.  All is well there, right?  Right.  (hmmmm, stay tuned).
Knowing Emma's dance class was on the opposite side of town and starting at 5:15, I had to do some fancy planning for her on a ride there while reminding her to take homework to work on afterwards when we were late picking her up.  All is well there, right?  Wrong.  Two second before getting on the bus she realized she had Art Club and would be staying after school, not coming home.  -sigh- Ok, new plans.  I'll have to get supper ready for Grandma, Grandpa and Hope...I'll skip out while they eat to go get Emma at the Middle school, then run her to the dance studio which is 15 minutes in the opposite direction, hurry back home just in time to pull in, throw the grands and Hope in the car, and drive the other direction to the big event.  I can do this.

So game time.  Supper cooking, Hope gets home, food on the table, Grandma is there but Grandpa is missing.  Where's Grandpa.  A now worried Hope knew he was coming, so I comforted her that he still had thirty minutes and it would be ok.  As soon as I mentioned  I needed to go pick Emma up from Art Club and take her to dance, a sad Hope looked at me and said "she's not coming?"  My heart sank. I comforted Hope letting her know sometimes plans get altered, but the good news was, when everyone got home that evening we would have our own special reading of her book just for Emma...and with CAKE!  Her sadness drifted at the smell of meatloaf.  Mine too.

So I'm off to the middle school.  Watching the clock, counting every minute.  I pull into the parking lot and it hit me like a ton of bricks - there is no dance bag in the car.  That means no leotard, tights or shoes....and home is in the wrong direction.  Looking at the clock, I text my neighbor and see if they can stop by the house and grab it as they take their dancer to the studio.  As I'm waiting on a response, Emma enters the car not happy to hear about the missing bag - there is something about a 12 year not being able to be flexible for just one day.  But thank you Jesus, my neighbor text back and they weren't leaving for another ten minutes - SCORE!- just enough time for me to Emma back home and she can just ride with them. (Oh and if you think I forgot all about Emma eating supper, may I mention I stuffed her backpack that morning with extra protein bars and trail mix - always thinking, this momma. HA!)

Race home....but not too quickly.  I had to give Emma a little mom-to-daughter-speech on the way.  I explained to her Hope's sadness of her not being there.  So when she walked in (previous plan had just me walking in) Hope might stir up some excitement thinking she was coming for a surprise.  Soooo....let's prep for that.  And we did.  A good, yet brief, conversation on family, priorities, and compassion.  And Emma did great when she got home, giving her little sister all the love.  But where was Grandpa?

Still no grandpa, I begin texting.  A worry in itself to text Grandpa, knowing he's driving.  yikes.  But I did, and he responded with "be there in five."  Ok, we need to leave in five, so lets not let Hope know that and just keep all calm.  Oh by the way, did I mention I just got a text from Adam saying his flight was delayed thirty minutes???  -deeper sigh-

On with the show! Grandma, check - Grandpa, check - Hope, check - Emma with neighbors, check.  Me?  Me with enough battery on my phone to video, check.  All in the car, check.  And off we go, 15 minutes the other direction.  I think my car is more confused than I am at times about which way it's going!

Once we arrive Hope is flooded with friends as she walks in.  That girl.  She is the life of the party.  xoxo.  The kids take their seats on the bench in the front and parents sat in chairs behind them.
5:30 and the show is starting.  Hope looks over her shoulder at me with a worried face and mouths "where's dad?"  "He's on his way," I mouth back, knowing that the plane is still in the air.

We listen to these little first grade voices read their stories one after another.  Such sweet moments of brave young authors, feet not even touching the ground in the captain's chair.  Little hands, one holding a microphone and the other turning pages of their books that they put every inch of soul into making.  They giggle and laugh at themselves, they fumble to turn the book around for the audience to see their masterpieces full of illustrations.  Adorable.  Some of these kids were totally in their element...and some not so much. ;)

Number 5 was up.  I get another worried look from Hope.  Reading her eyes, I mouth back "it's OK, he's on his way."  Which he was because I got a text saying the plane had landed and he was coming!
Child Number 6...7...8....and oh no, #9 is sick, she's not here.  Hope is #10.
She takes a look around, but no worries, I give her the thumbs up and mouth "I'm videoing!"
And. She. Rocked. It.

A creative story about a little girl that took tap.  The story shares her adventures telling her friends about it, being nervous and not getting it the first day, but keep trying and eventually does it with ease.  There is some "my mom said" moments in the book, that always makes me hold my breath for a second until I hear the end of the sentence.  And there was a little brother in the book, which afterwards Hope told me that her book was fiction.  Good to know.

She did it.  So proud of her.  xoxo
Her and her buddies all line up for a class photo.  Beautiful!
 Within 10 minutes of the class photo, a rushing dad pushing his way through the crowd to find his young author.  In a millisecond moment of let down, there was nothing that the word 'cake' wouldn't fix!  But before heading home for that special second reading with cake, a few pictures with our special guest Grandma and Grandpa....and of course with Daddy - but that one got to be taken in the special captain's chair.

We head home (well, one car car went past home onto dance studio to pick up Emma) and when all arrive, the cake was cut and we heard the extra special reading of Hope's book just for her favorite fans.  Still reading as if she was famous, which I totally agree she is, her voice and words did not disappoint.  Watch out world, we have a Young Author on our hands.

What a day.  What an adventure.  But we did it.
Hope, love you to the moon and back.  I hope your day was extra special.  You lite me up when I see your excitement for people and life.  So glad God chose me to be your mom. xoxo  

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Freezing time this evening.

She's growing up.  And I don't like it.
Well....OK....I do.  Kinda.
Wait...not really.  No, I don't.
Ugh - bittersweet.

Let's Eat!

First official meal outside. ***this was a few weeks ago***
It was just Hope and I - Adam and Emma were gone.  We were getting some outdoor things out and she begged to get the table set up.  I wasn't ready to get that much out, but I caved....and glad I did!  It was a beautiful evening, good dining, and of course some of my favorite company.
Dear Hope, 
Thank you so much for being mommy's helper and ball of energy.  I love that you love life and experience it to the fullest, never wasting a beat.  And thankful you march to your own beat too. ;)
Love your dinner date, 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

She likes to watch things grow.  We like to do things together.  So in efforts to get a jump start on our garden this year, we decided to start some plants by seeds indoors.  Hope's excitement when the seeds start to push a little green through the dirt is so fun to witness.  She kept a close eye on them everyday and reported to me everyday their progress.

We have basil, tomatoes, carrots, beats, squash, zucchini, kale, and spinach.  Just a few seeds and a plethora of plants!
Update:  It's been about six weeks from the big plant.  Good to know all spinach, kale, basil, beats, and carrots have been successfully transplanted to there permanent homes outside.  Can't say the same for the rest....but nothing a trip to Lowes won't repair.  ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cousins, Pals, Comedians.


They may not live next door to each other, or in the same state for that matter.  But they always pick up right where they left off.  Friends for life.

Of course.

Last year in Kindergarten, Hope had this thing where she thought she could go to the office whenever she wanted like she owned the place....I guess growing up going into the school with her mom volunteering all the time since she could walk, didn't help her thinking.  And of course the ladies in the office treated her like she was the mayor of Union.
So no surprise, when she got off the bus the last day of kindergarten a year ago, she was proud as punch for making one last trip to the office....she lost her first tooth.
Of course, this gal wouldn't go out without a bang.
....or one last trip to the office.

The Ladybug, Butterfly, and Bee.

There once was a little girl.  She decided one day she needed some little friends.  So she used her big big imagination and made three little friends.  

One little friend was a ladybug.  She was so cute with her little black spots.  
The second friend was a butterfly.  So beautiful with her little heart pattern.
The third friend was a bee.  A fun little striped bee.

So proud of her little circle of friends, the girl decided to share them.  With big excitement she gave all three to her momma.  Her momma couldn't love the new three little friends more.  

Big imagination + little acts = Big love.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

It's race month!!! Go #25!!!

 It's Indianapolis, it's May, and therefore it's race month!  So in celebration, I'm posting some pictures from LAST year - the Union Elementary Kindy 500!  Hope was so proud of her box car - she came up with the design and painted it all on her own!  A little supervision from Dad and sidekick, Ricky though.

 And they're off!  A parade around the school, then one outside for parents.  And of course a RACE! 

 Hope's heat - the girls from her class.  On your mark, get set, GO!!!!!!

 After the event, Hope had to take a heat with just her dad.  #25 totally blew the dust on Dad.

A very fun and eventful day.  A girl, her race car, Dad and her grandpa - what more could you ask for.  Oh, I remember....Tylenol.
Yep, the little lady woke with a fever that morning, but had been looking forward to the day for weeks as they prepared for it.  I couldn't break a Kindergartner's heart, so instead we broke her fever by sneaking in Tylenol while I volunteered that day at school.  A momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do.  We all survived and #25 went down in history as the cutest race car driver I've ever seen this side of Indianapolis.  ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A pencil, Chuck Taylors, and a girl with a dog.

She's my artist.  And this year she got to show Zionsville Middle how talented she is!  At the start of the school year, she applied for the sixth grade Art Club.  This consisted of filling out a form with some Q&A and a free drawing to show your abilities.  .....and that she did!  Not only did she draw with precision and depth, she drew from her heart, zeroing in on what else but her beloved....CHUCKS! ;)

I love this girl to the moon and back.  I love her spirit, her compassion, her style...and I love that she loves her dog.  xoxo
And OH!  Of course - she made the Art Club!!!!!

Little 'ol Lady

 She's feisty, she's witty, she full of giggles.  She's an 100 year old first grader! 
Celebrating the 100th day of school, this gal pulled out all the strings.  Even her great Mamaw's earrings and necklaces.  Plaid skirt and sweater, courtesy of Goodwill, was paired with a lovely walker cane.  Her reading glasses couldn't go unworn without a fancy chain, which I think compliments her bobby-pins perfectly.  Her hair turned white with the assistance of some baby powder and her back suddenly became hunched.  Watch out world....this firecracker of an old lady will out sass you all.