Sunday, January 22, 2017

Traditions in the kitchen.

 This past Thanksgiving, I set out to teach the girls about some of their ancestors and their mastery of apple dumpling making.  Aprons on, tabled floured, and we were off!  We made dumplings from a recipe I remember making with my Grandmother and mom.  I was probably about the same age as Hope, and I was the official cinnamon duster.  Whether or not I got the job done, working along side Grandma and mom was the real lesson.  Nothing beats those memories and spending time with them.

 We made our second batch from the other side of the family.  This recipe was from Adam's great Aunt Willa.  I was fortunate enough to know this spunky lady.  She played a huge role in Adam's life growing up and was smitten over Emma when she was born.  Although she is no longer with us, I know she is looking down from heaven and laughing at the fact that we all use a recipe to try to make her dumplings.  Maybe that's the just make them, no recipe.  Well, either way, we tried...and in the end, we had some yummy dessert.

 Remember when I mentioned it's not so much learning how to make the dumplings, but more so the time spent together?  Well, I think we got that covered too.  What a fun (and messy) day.

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