Monday, January 30, 2017

Six year old thoughts.

A few nights ago for supper, Hope wanted to say the prayer.  It went like this;
"Hello God.  Thank you for today, thank you for the food, thank you for our swing-set because it is our safe-spot, thank you for Greg and Karen because they will come get us, and thank you for smoke detectors.  Amen"

Apparently fire safety was still on her mind the next morning.  While getting ready for school she ask, "Mom what do I do if the house catches on fire and I'm pooping?"
What do you say to that?  ummm.....finish, and then get out of the house.  Now go get ready for school.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


It's not an official guitar recital, until we take a picture.  Oh, wait, ....and a picture with little sister.  Now it's official.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

One of my favorite Christmas decorations

It's the first decoration out of the box.  A Manger scene gifted to Adam and I when we got married from his Mamaw.  Over the years, it has become "the one the kids put out."  And of course, by put out, we all really know that means "play with."  Some days I walk in to find the angel in the barn and baby Jesus held captive off to the side by the shepherds.  Some days I walk in to find Mary having a pep talk with the Wise Men.  But the best is when I walk into the room and I hear a little voice reenacting the sweet birthday of Jesus.  

Just a normal evening....

I look across the card table and see this.....
I look to the side and across the room to see this......
And all is well in the world.

Traditions in the kitchen.

 This past Thanksgiving, I set out to teach the girls about some of their ancestors and their mastery of apple dumpling making.  Aprons on, tabled floured, and we were off!  We made dumplings from a recipe I remember making with my Grandmother and mom.  I was probably about the same age as Hope, and I was the official cinnamon duster.  Whether or not I got the job done, working along side Grandma and mom was the real lesson.  Nothing beats those memories and spending time with them.

 We made our second batch from the other side of the family.  This recipe was from Adam's great Aunt Willa.  I was fortunate enough to know this spunky lady.  She played a huge role in Adam's life growing up and was smitten over Emma when she was born.  Although she is no longer with us, I know she is looking down from heaven and laughing at the fact that we all use a recipe to try to make her dumplings.  Maybe that's the just make them, no recipe.  Well, either way, we tried...and in the end, we had some yummy dessert.

 Remember when I mentioned it's not so much learning how to make the dumplings, but more so the time spent together?  Well, I think we got that covered too.  What a fun (and messy) day.

It's a friendly feast!

The Indians and Pilgrims come together for a friendly feast in Kindergarten before Thanksgiving break.  It was quite the feast of popcorn, applesauce, and cranberries - yum!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

She dances and makes desserts.

 After her dance lessons one Monday evening, Hope ask if she could make dessert for supper.  Wanting to use bunny crackers, she came up with a bunny head!  These are the moments that make hope my kids never grow up...ya know, just stay this age forever and ever.  Wishful thinking?  Sigh, probably.  But for now, I'll just enjoy my bunny and love every last bite of it.

Two gems.

My kids call them "Aunt Amanda" and "Great Mamaw."  I kinda like to think of them as two gems.  They think the world of my kids and have endless hugs and kiss for them.  And they take a pretty good picture, too. ;)

I can't stop.

 Is there any surprise she wanted to be bubbles for Halloween?  She loves her bubble baths.  And I love all the cuteness wrapped up in those bubble baths.  Sometimes I think to myself, "really?  More bubble bath pictures?"  But. I. Just. Can't. Stop.  xoxo

Friends Forever.

An oversized bubble bath and crayon box.

 Posting Halloween 2016 pictures in January?  Maybe.  Hey, it's how I roll these days. ;)

 Favorite trick-or-treating stop!  Even Zac posed perfect for this picture!
After a fun night, Hope made this drawing (and glued it to a magnet) of her in a bubble outfit, "so she could always remember this night!"

I like...

I Like 
by Hope Kaylynn

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Just a little help.

"Hey Hope! Want to help me in the kitchen?"
"Ok, I'm filling smoothie packets for the freezer. Just put two scoops of blueberries in each baggie. OK?"
"gottcha mom." Confirming with a thumbs up.

 I leave the room for two seconds and come back to this......

I love this little "helper" more and more everyday. 

Turning 11

Turning 11 (in September) has never been finer!  Especially when THE BEST neighbors in the whole wide world bring you over your very own "birthday cherry pie."


Allie, Emma, Grover, Austin, Hope and Bryant.  Three boys and three girls.  Austin, the youngest just turned two.  It seems like yesterday that Grover, the oldest, was just two....and got all the attention for himself.  Goodness, I love these kids.