Sunday, December 4, 2016


It's all about timing, right? A weekend ago we celebrated Thanksgiving and tonight we decorated the Christmas tree, yet here I am posting about the first day of school from back in August. Timing. So much for good timing, aye?
Emma is on a new adventure this year, an adventure called Middle School.  Fifth grade - how can this be?  Timing.  The middle school busses run an hour earlier than the elementary buses, but Hope didn't want to miss sending her big sister off on her first day of school.  So, rolling out in her pajamas, Hope jumped in for a picture. Timing.
Just look at that beautiful young lady.  I'm not sure this momma is ready to tackle having a daughter in Middle School.  But at the end of the day, there is nothing I can do that will hold her back.  Timing. So proud of her courage on this first day of school.

And here she is - an hour later and dressed like a champion!  Timing. Ready for her first day of Kindergarten!  As we have done in the past, a traditional picture by the front door bricks.  It seems like yesterday that I was taking this picture (click here) by those bricks on someone else's first day of Kindergarten.  Timing.

I can hardly stand it.  My baby.  MY BABY.  The first time I ever walked down this sidewalk she was snugly tucked inside my belly.  And over the past six years, we've played on this sidewalk together. What happened.  Where did the days go? TIming.
And just like that, I saw the bus gobble my baby up and take her off.  Off to Kindergarten.  I watched as my baby rode off, out of the neighborhood, her independent self.  It was as if time was in slow motion, like the bus was going to stop, back up and let her back off so she and I could spend our days always.  Timing.

It didn't.  It kept going.  And just like that, I saw one daughter leave for Middle School, and my baby leave for Kindergarten.  It left me in a quiet house.  What was a morning that made me a very proud momma, was also a morning that made me a lonely momma.  I miss them already.  Timing stinks.

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