Saturday, December 3, 2016

Time to close the box on Pre-K

Just as we have for Emma, Hope got her first school box this year.  A school box to keep all -yes, ALL- her papers and projects in throughout the school year.  Then one day during the summer we have a clean out day, where we pick and choose what we will forever keep.  And of course, mom will sniffle a bit at all the things that made the year so special.
If there was one word Hope learned to spell this year, it was Love.  And I loved it...over and over again.
 One of my favorite things about seeing my kids learn, is watching them learn how to write.  I'm not sure there isn't a kid in the world, that at one time or another, colors in the dot above the i.
 The Letter People!!!  There's some pretty creative letters in this binder! 
What I want to be when I grow up - always an entertaining thing to ask 5 year olds.
 Just a few of the special days in Pre-K.  So lucky to have a teacher that not only made the days so special, but took pictures for each child to have in their memory books.

 I'm glad we have established her name.  Such a beautiful name. 
 So much learning......
...shapes, colors, and words.... words, and how to read.... memories.....
...and rainbows, LOTS of rainbows.

Dear Hope Kaylynn,
Your mommy is so proud of you.  So proud of your bravery to go to school this year.  So proud of everything you learned!  I am so excited to see you reading, writing and counting so high!  You made some good friends.  I love the humor you brought to Mrs. Sieler and her classroom.  May you never lose your wit to make people smile.  You're growing up, my baby girl.  That's pretty hard for this momma.  While I love seeing you grow, I just wish it wasn't happening so fast.  You will be off to Kindergarten next year and learn how to read more, and spell words, and a whole bunch more things.  I will forever treasure this year you had going to Pre-K just three afternoons a week.  I loved our car rides to and from the church.  We had some pretty good conversations.  I loved hanging out in pajamas until we had to eat our lunch and head on the car rides to the church! :)  Those were all special times and I will treasure those moments with you forever.  I love you to the moon and back, forever and always.
xoxo, Mommy

And just like that, we saved the special papers neatly in our Pre-K box and tucked it away in the closet with big sister's school boxes.  And the rest of the papers...well, they were put in the recycle bin.  Don't cry momma, don't cry.

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