Monday, November 21, 2016


Early June was the best of the best.  Nothing but just US.  Well, just us and a pool, some squirt guns, some floaties, and a slide.  But hey, that's all we needed for millions upon millions of giggles and laughs.  Music to my soul.  
I know summertime can be the time when parents go ape-crazy enrolling kids in camp after camp after enrichment program after extra lessons after after after.  And yes, as tempting as all the extra "education" seems, I can't help but note that we had the most enriching time these days of just laughing, splashing and eating pop-cycles!  Just us. 
It warms my hear to know that these two hams didn't even need a high priced pool membership, the 18 incher will do.  
I couldn't have enjoyed life more than these afternoons of watching silly sisters having not a care in the world.  Life is good.  Life is good. 
Oh summer, please don't end.  Let these moments last forever.  Just us.
-sigh- I know, I know, I'm posting this in November.

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