Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's official - she's a fish...and more.

This past summer was the summer to learn how to swim!  And this fish took off full speed!  Of course not without a splash though.  It was only her and another little girls that showed up for their class, not to mention the teacher was training another teacher - so yes...Hope once again had that full attention she loves to entertain.  The first day, getting comfortable with the water, the teacher had them stand on the edge and jump in on their own.  First up was the other little girl.  She gracefully put her toes on the edge of the pool and on the count of three, did a sweet little jump in the water making a soft splash followed by calming ripple.  Next up was Hope.  She gracefully put her sweet toes on the edge of the pool and on the count of three.....
Yes, big splash, wreckless ripples, and two teachers that busted up laughing.  Hope pops her head up out of the water and seals the deal with her smirky grin. 

Later that week, during bath-time, a voice yells at me from upstairs, "MOMMMM, come up the stairs, I want you to see something."  I always know, this really translates into "bring your camera."

 **disclaimer** this was not a move taught at swim lessons

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