Monday, October 10, 2016

Why can't I just finsh May?

 Wax Museum!  T.C. Steele gave us an account of "his" life and featured one of his very own paintings!  Hope loved stepping on all the stars to make the wax figures speak.  So proud of our famous Hoosier painter...made me cry.

 Dance Showcase 2016!  Hope's first time on the stage - and she loved it.  In fact, she on;y wants to take dance class now just to have the chance to be on the stage. Just look at her finding her love...made me cry.
 This was Emma's fifth year at Village Dance.  However they didn't call her name when presenting the 5 year year awards - why?....because her momma didn't fill out the form.  I cried.
 But just look at the two dancers.  One so grown up and poised, the other so excited and in love with her big sis.  This made me cry.
Guitar recital - a trio of the finest!  Emma paired up with her current teacher Jake, and her first guitar teacher, Matt, for a beautiful piece.  Did I mention that mom got the start time wrong for the recital?  Yep.  Thought it started at 5:30.  But it didn't.  It started at 5:00.  Wouldn't have been a problem if Emma hadn't been the third number in the line-up.  She fell in at the end.  And of course I cried.
Backyard and in jammies for some.  Didn't really make me cry, but it sure was entertaining.

  Last day of fourth grade.  Last day eating lunch with these beautiful girls.  -sigh-  you know.
 Oh my.  Oh my.  The fourth grade walk out.  One by one, high fiving the underclassman, and feeling like a superstar.  Well, they are superstars.  And all these superstars made this momma get watery eyes.

 And then, just like that, they loaded the buses.  The buses took a firetruck escort lap around the parking lot - one last time.  And just like that, #99 took my baby right out of her elementary school, never to ever drive her back in there.  The hands waving, the teachers waving, and me holding back that welling of water in my eyes.  Say it isn't so.

 Pre-K family lunch and last day of school.  A program with songs, prayers, and showing off of all they have learned.  I would be lying if I didn't say Hope's teacher didn't cry!  She loves those kids as much as their parents, and well, we cry.  A lot.

 First teachers, first friends.  Onto Kindergarten.  Stop growing up before I start to cry.

 Now I know why I couldn't get through May.  It was tough on this momma's heart!  As it has been said before, "better get out the life jackets, mom is crying again!" 
These girls of mine are growing up.  I love watching them grow and learn, but I really don't like it.
The End.  (not really)

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