Monday, September 12, 2016


May 2016.  This was the month that swelled this momma's heart over and over - ten fold.
It started on the very first day - May 1st.  One of the proudest moments a mom could have...the day her child made a public confession through baptism that Jesus Christ is her Lord and savior, and she wants to follow Him for the rest of her life.  I always thought the day I met that sweet little gal, Emma Lillie, back on her first day in life, would be the most emotional day for me in her life.  But this day...this day, I cried like never before.

Seeing her stand so proudly in that water and make this decision on her own brought tears out of my eyes that came straight from my heart.  It was the most beautiful picture I have ever seen.  Her story was one I will never forget.  The necklace she wore is embedded in my heart (and hers).  The family that sat around me made me fell the love in every breath I deeply took.  And seeing Emma's two friends, Lauren and Abby, take pictures and video on their Ipods, tugged on my momma-strings with everlasting joy.  And speaking of moms...having Shannon and Alissa take the time to bring their daughters to share in Emma's day, made more tears of joy flow.  It all took my breath away.  Literally.  I found myself sobbing uncontrollably as I watched and listened.  The love of God was shining brightly that day and I am forever grateful.

Dead to sin... ALIVE in Christ!

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