Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Just two minutes

She's always had the need for touch.  It's her love language, no doubt.  From in side the womb when she held on and squeezed the umbilical cord, to holding her daddy's finger as an infant to sleep, to the countless days of cuddling, sitting so close to you at the dinner table you can almost feel her every chew....to the "two minutes" I give her at bedtime.

We say good night prayers, talk a little about the day, kiss and share our love, then the "timer" starts.  I lay beside her for two minutes.  Two minutes on her arm, which starts by her side, but instantly swoops over my neck and grasp on like a magnet.  Two minutes we lay side by side, touching.  It only last two minutes, but it sure is some of the best two minutes of my day.

Sweet dreams Hope Kaylynn.  xoxo

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