Friday, July 15, 2016

Bird Whisperer

We have a Morning Dove that sits on the peak of our house everyday morning and evening, cooing ever so gently.  wHOOOooo, whoooo, whooo, whoooooooooo.

This evening Hope decided she and the bird were one as they did their "whooo-ing" to each other.  Coincidentally, er uh, I mean amazingly enough every time Hope did her best morning dove mimic, the bird would gently give one out following.  This went on, back and forth, for a good round of four or five "whooo, whooo-ings," each round having the same four toned "whos."

Then her dad challenged her to change it up and see if the Morning Dove would repeat.  Up for the challenge, the bird whisperer let out her biggest...

ummmm, not exactly what he meant Hope.   But as always, a good laugh was had.

**this story best told in person due to tonal effects. ;)

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