Sunday, May 8, 2016


It's Mother's day.  Well, I take that back....17 minutes ago ended Mother's day.  But who's counting.  Clearly not me.  Because if I was counting, I would see the many days that have passed since my last post.  It's a pretty big number.  This blogging thing was my way to scrapbook and journal about my blessed life...which being a mom has to do with a large percentage of my days.  (again, who's counting?) 
I need to get back at this.  Too many moments are passing by and my mind can't file them all away in it's memory chamber.  And I sure don't want to forget the morning Hope asked "why is there cream coming out of my donuts butt?"

Here's to getting back at it.  Catching up.  Grace for the momma.

Volunteering at Emma's 4th grade V-day Party.  "photo booth fun"

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