Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Can he dance with two?

Every other year, Village Dance host the "Cinderella Ball."  A night where Dad gets to take his girls on a date.  Emma has always made this event her night (reminisce here and here) and rightfully so since she was the only dancer we had at Village.  But this year, we have another little dancer...and she was more excited than there are waves in the ocean.  And speaking of waves, there were a few created when big sister found out this night is now a night of sharing Dad.

Most of those not-so-thrilled-feelings began to disappear quickly after a trip to the consignment store where not only one pink dress was found, but TWO pink dresses!  Nothing makes big sister happier than color coordinating.  And it didn't stop with the dresses.  If you notice, Dad has a nice pink tie on to compliment his darlings.  He's a good sport.  Wait a minute, are you kidding me...he'd wear that pink tie every day of his life if those two girls just asked him to.

Pink dresses, sparkly shoes for one, first wedge shoes for the other, fancy hair dos (styles chosen by each) and perfect necklaces given to each princess from their prince.
On to the ball they shall go...I hope the make it home before midnight - will all their shoes.

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