Monday, February 29, 2016

Who knew.

We have a neighbor that has two kiddos under two.  They love Elmo.
We have two Elmo DVDs that are growing dust.  We sent the DVDs down to their place this weekend.

I just got a message from our neighbor reading, "Thank you so much for the Sesame Street DVDs!!! We are watching the potty one right now! Fingers crossed it helps!!!"

I wasn't in anyway torn to pass down these DVDs.  However when I read her message, the Let's Take a Trip to the Factory (t-pee paper song) started playing in my head.  And then the visuals came racing through my head.  Then a lump fell in my throat.  And now there is a bit of water pooling in my eyes.

Why did those songs drive me so nuts just a mere 8 or 3 years ago...but now..NOW...I just want to play them one.more.time.

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