Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Be still my heart.

Parent Observation Night at Emma's dance class.  With Adam on travel, little sister was forced to tag along with me.  She wasn't a happy camper...sitting still through 45 minutes (I spared her of the prior class) is very hard for this busy-body.  But she did.  And I observed dancing.

Let's face it, when this moment came up, I couldn't pull my phone out quick enough and get that fast snap.  -I skipped a breath-
Got it.
This was the best observation I saw all night.

Dear Emma Lillie and Hope Kaylynn, 
May you never take each other for granted.  To have a sister is to have a best friend for life.  You share many things that no other girl on this earth can share with you.  
Emma, your little sister adores you.  She looks up to you with the biggest of hearts.  She wants to do everything you do...and if she does, this world will be a better place than it already is with just having you in it.
Hope, your big sister is so proud of you.  She will protect you, she will have your back.  She loves the way you look at her.  You have made her world complete just by smiling at her.
Always be sisters best friends...I know you will. 
xoxox, Mommy

Be still my heart. 

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