Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesdays - 8:30pm

Since last fall, Emma has had dance on Tuesday evenings.  Along with our neighbor.  Perfect equation for carpooling.  Neighbor's mom graciously takes the girls at 5:30 and then we bring home at 8:30. 
Adam usually takes the job of taxi driver for the evening, however tonight he is off in Phoenix for work and I had the luxury of driving two "tween" girls and little sister home. 

It's a 15 minute drive.

It was a solid 15 minute drive with giggles, whispers, busting out louder giggles, and a lot of middle school conversations that were way more important than solving world hunger...you know like who sits by who on the bus, and the girl that paints her finger green in art class.  [insert loud "eewwww" followed by giggles]

15 minutes.

15 minutes of so much girl air coming from the back seat, I think it made my ears melt.  Go ahead and giggle...because like that made like SOO much sense.....duh.

As I pulled into our neighbor, the thought of Adam doing this every Tuesday made me...well...giggle.

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