Monday, January 25, 2016

That the green dress.

In the middle of dinner, she lifts her knee just above the horizon of the table top.  She tells the rest of the family, "say Hi to my knee."  No one says anything.  She repeats herself.  I give her the look.  She says, "Hi Knee!"...hi knee...hinny.  And giggles.

Driving down the road and in the back seat are two girls bundled up in their winter coats.  They are getting a little toasty, so I appease them and roll their windows down a bit for a cool breeze.  It's winter, so it was a quick little refresher.  I push the button and the windows go up.  SCREAM.  I turn and look over my should to see her hand hanging from the top of the window.  Fingers on the other side.  Of course, I immediately put the window back down, pull over and take care of the frightened, crocodile tear flowing, red fingered girl.  All the while saying "this is why mommy and daddy say never to put your fingers or hands out the window.  Through a snotty nose, still crying face, she says, "well I didn't know you were putting it up."  Um, duh.  That's why you obey our rules!

Ooooohhhhhh that girl.  Humor plus curiosity.  It's going to be ride with this gal.

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