Thursday, December 31, 2015

This and that. (and sometimes "that" can be weird)

This is from the Beef and Boards rendition of Snow White was a fun time with the yahoos and their Grandma.  By the way, that's not Grandma in the picture...that's Snow White. ;)

 Ok, so I left these out from the last post.  They fall under the day spent at Stuckey Farms.  Can a grown adult riding in a pig barrel get any weirder?

 ...why yes, yes it can.  When Hope is quiet and entertaining herself, you better grab the camera.  I have no clue what  gave this child the idea that pink dance tights and a New Year headband was proper coloring attire. 

 Usually, weirdness doesn't come out of this one.  However, during an autumn bonfire, she declared it was her 4-H cake-decorating project's death day.  With a ceremonial toss, we all stood and watch the project melt..I mean die.  So weird.  My family is so weird....good thing I'm there to balance it all out.

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