Thursday, December 31, 2015

Let's check in on Pre-K.

 Oh yea, this girl was MADE for Pre-K.  Not a glimmer of doubt that she loves it.

We've got funny furry feet day for the letter F.  Yellow day was celebrated with none other than her HOPE shirt.  And, who wouldn't want to smell the feet of this cutie kitty cat!

Let's hear it for the pepperoni and pepper pizza on P day.    

Once a week, a new student is picked to take home the "All About Me Bag" it returns to school with five items in it to share.  Hope was smitten to take her best buddy Boe (stuffed dog), her lion, a matchbox truck (we have no idea why).  Plus her day to take it in was...drumroll please, Green Day!

Her first field trip!  It was a rainy, cold, muddy adventure to the Pumpkin Patch!  A corn maze, hayride, animal petting and pumpkin picking filled the afternoon.
** side note to above picture**  The girl next to Hope is Reece.  Because of my lagging in this blog, I have the luxury to foreshadow just a little bit.  Let's take note of Hope and Reece...take note of how they are snuggled under their teacher's umbrella.  This could just be the beginning of winning the teacher over with their cuteness.  Just wait, you'll see....there will be a casting call for the Christmas program...I'm just sayin'.  :)
Grandpa Said came out for the event!

Believe it or not, after all the off and on rain, cold winds, and muddy boots, there was a rainbow just peeking through the clouds as the kiddos posed for this last picture in the pumpkin patch.  I'm not sure it shows up well in my photo, but it was there! 

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