Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This moment. Right now.

Emma home from school, all smiles as she carried a stapled packet of papers in her hand, whisping in the wind, even though she wears a backpack full of folders.  "Look mom!  I have all kinds of exciting stuff!!  It's my narrative (that I've been working on forever)!!"

Typed out and everything.  She immediately starts reading parts of it too me.  I soak in her excitement like a sponge.  But it gets better.

She doesn't want me to know the ending, but in her own words, "I just got to tell someone!"

So in this very moment, the bedroom door to her room is shut.  She has her little sister in there, who is on cloud nine that big sister is playing with her.  I can hear Emma's muffled voice threw the door.  Each word is animated.  Hope giggles.  This is good.

This moment.  Right now.

Don't grow up my precious daughters...don't ever grow up.

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