Thursday, September 3, 2015

What's all this posting about summer? Didn't the bus come already?

Oh yea, the bus.  As I catch up on all our summer happenings, I pause for a second to catch up on this happening.  School.  School started for this gal a few weeks ago.  Another brick taller on the porch.  And another first day of school picture with the little in her jammies.  Love these two yahoos.

Really?  4th grade?  When did that happen.  Don't make me go back and link all the previous first days.  I can't.  I just can't.  Denial....perhaps.

Sometimes I can't tell if the little is really sincere in missing her sister....or is she just a drama queen?  Maybe a bit of both. ;)
No Emma, you aren't as tall as your Dad even if you stand on your toes.
There comes our favorite #99.
But then again, it's that #99 that swoops my baby up and takes her off.  Bringing her back a little older each day.  Not so much my favorite anymore.
Here's to 4th grade.  xoxox

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