Wednesday, September 23, 2015

No stopping her.

 And she's off!  This kid has had her first few weeks of Pre-K and loves it!  I must say it was a bit hard to take the "front door" picture.  ....and the "walk down the sidewalk" picture,  but momma made it!

 She walked into that school like she was going to see Santa himself.  There is no hand holding, wait on mom, walk together with this girl.  Grinning ear to ear, she owned it.

Mom didn't own anything.  No tears, until I started the car up and pulled away.  There was no little sibling in the back seat.  It was just me.  All alone.  I've had five full years of this spunky girl we prayed and prayed for to enter the world....and just like that, I handed her over.  -sigh-  ok enough, or I'll probably start crying again.

Three hours later and Mrs. Sieler handed her right back over to me.  Still grinning ear to ear, this girl couldn't wait to go back.

And what wonderful teachers we have to send us little peeks into their world...
Great job Hope Kaylynn.  I knew you would love it.  And I love that you love it.  Just don't let them teach you how to pronounce the letter "r"....I'm not ready for that yet.  Ok?  Ok.  xoxox

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