Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just ordinary stuff, but big stuff.

Passion...pretty sure I can honestly say, I have a passion for teaching.  Teaching Art in particular.  The days spent with those high school kids put me in my element.  Not to mention, a good deal of money and time went into the process to get to that point (Go Evansville Aces!)

The past two days I have spent in sweatpants, hair in ponytail, scrubbing bathrooms, sweeping floors, wiping down cabinets, folding laundry, and cleaning a garage.  I think is was the moment when I was wiping away Lord knows what from one of our toilets, I thought to myself, "what kind of job do I have now?"  I use to love to go to work everyday and anticipate the students, the projects, the joy of seeing learning bouncing across the room.  Now....now, I scrub toilets and do laundry.  What kind of joy is in that?  And I spent how much on a college education to do this?

Ordinary stuff.  Kinda boring.  Nothing great about it.
Until tonight.

It was my turn to be the "supper mom" at Emma's dance.  The dancers get a 30 minute supper break during their three hour rehearsal and each week a different mom supervises.  Tonight was my night.  After one totally burnt Mac 'n Cheese in the microwave, and a scavenger hunt for a knife and fork, the thirty minutes went decently well.
Just an ordinary job added to my call of duty of Stay-At-Home-Momma.  But  you know, to be able to talk with the girls, meet Emma's classmates, and laugh with them, was g-o-l-d-e-n.  There was something about Miss Emma's smile and attitude that totally gave off a feeling of "that's my mom, and she's pretty cool."
And that is big stuff.

I may not be living in my passion, but I'm sure living in a pretty important place that I wouldn't trade for the world.

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