Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's not all about the "firsts"....but more about the "lasts."

A seasoned mother (now grandmother), once gave me a bit of advice that she was given as a young mom.  And it was beautiful.

"We get so wrapped up in all the 'first' in our children's lives....the first time they roll over, crawl, get a tooth, the first giggle, the first steps, word, even sentence.  And do I even add the first day of school to the list.  As special as those moments are, cherish the 'last' more.  The last day before they walked and they just barely stood with that weeble-wobble stanz, the last day before they talked when they were just a quiet sweet soul of no noise, the last day they smiled that toothless grin...it will never look the same.  Those are the days we will never get back.  More teeth will come, more steps will happen, and more words will come out of that sweet voice.....but never, never, will we get back that last day before it happened."

She teared up as she told me this.  Her daughter is currently the same age as me, and she has two beautiful grandkids of her own.  Hearing her say this with such passion and raw honesty really set a new perspective in my role as a mom.

Today is a last.  Today is the last day Hope will be all mine.  100% all mine for every minute of the day.  It's been an amazing five years.  Having her home all five of those years allowed me to cherish all those lasts, and firsts....and in-betweens.
Tomorrow is a first for her.  I'm not thinking about.  I'm just focusing on today...the last.  The last day before she starts a new chapter in her life. May time stand still.  xoxo

Dear spunky Hope, 
Today is the last day we have together before you begin a new journey.  Of course there will be days where we will have together again....but it won't be the same.  Tomorrow I will share you with someone else.  Perhaps I'm a bit selfish, but that's what us moms do.  I loved today.  I loved spending lunch with you and your laughing.  I loved making beads with you.  I loved when you stood on a chair in the kitchen beside me and helped me make freezer packets with the sweet potato greens you helped grow in the garden.  I love hearing you pretend and play Barbies behind me as I type this.  I love you.  I love all five years of you.  From that tiny baby with long eyelashes to the spunky gal standing in the rain.  You are my HOPE.  I give all praise to our Father in Heaven for sharing you with us. Love to the moon and back...and back again, 

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