Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to Summer 2015.....

Summer 2015 continues with a wonderful visit from some very special friends.  Our Aussie friends, Belinda, Stu, and Flynn were taking a "holiday" through the US and made a pit stop in Zionsville.  We had such a wonderful time visiting and playing.  We made it to the 4-H fair, the Brickyard and Indian's baseball game, and simply just to the back porch and backyard for good times.  Flynn and Hope became quite the buddies.  It was also exciting to see Flynn experience some game, fireworks, S'mores, a trip to the Indianapolis Speedway, and the 4H fair.  And of course July always presents a fun birthday for Grover and Hope...just 9 years and one day between the two cousins.  So blessed to have these friends and family!

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