Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer 2015....

So it's been a bit since my last post entry.  Summer happened.  And it happened strong!  It is amazing to look over the pictures and see all the family members and friends that we were able to be with.  I can't image a summer without them.  xoxo
 There was a birthday party, happy 6-0 Grandma!

These people.  These people right here....are WEIRD.  .....and I love 'em.

Someone hold me....seeing sisters having a sleepover in a homemade tent turns my heart to mush.  A big big pile of mush.

Teen Beach Movie 2 night with the little.  Her decorations rock my world.

A day at Kings Island.  Petting zoo, log rides, little roller coasters, and big roller coasters.  And yes, the big roller coasters turned my stomach in mush....along with my spine.  Shew, I am not 18 anymore!

A day at the Children's Museum with cousins and Grandpa.  Always an exciting day with this crew!

Did I say summer happened?  ohhhhhhhh, wait.....this was just two weeks.  Stay tuned for the rest of Summer 2015!

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