Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Last July, big sister took the plunge and made the snip snip. (click here for a refresher.) Then in February Mom decided it was time to take the plunge and snip snip.
Little sister was dying to follow suit.  Mom not so excited.  How could I bear seeing those baby curls disappear?!  But I was the whole family, even Dad.  So it happened.

TEN INCHES.  What's a mom to do...cry, smile, try to glue it back on?  Cut.Pass.Love. - the theme for an organization in Michigan that takes donations and makes wigs for children with hair loss for any reason.  (Children With Hair Loss)  With an 8 inch minimum, we all have made contributions this year - Emma 8", Mom 9", and now Hope made a donation of 10". 
Don't kid yourself though....this momma kept one of Hope's ponytails.  It hangs next to Emma's first cut from when she was five years old.  ya ya ya, I'm a sap....we all know it.

Who is more smitten?  Daddy or the four year old that thinks she is big stuff? 

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