Sunday, April 19, 2015


Took this picture two evenings ago as the sun was setting.  I love it so much.  And I love this family so much, too.

Where does she go?

And here.

Once again, being introduced to a new family that had children the same age as mine and one of the adults instantly asks, "where does she go?"  Assuming to hear a preschools name, they are always speechless when I
...and here...
...oh ya, here too....

...and here and here...

...definitely here...
....and the Library, the grocery, her grandparents, the Post Office, Church, the neighbors, her room, so ya....this girls goes to A LOT of places!  (and sometimes she even wears her pajamas all day.  -gasp-)
One heck of a lucky girl, I say.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rules are for mules.

Don't track in mud.
Take your shoes off.
Hang up your coat.
Pick up your toys.
Take your plate to the sink.
Don't pick your nose.
Turn the lights off.
Clean your room.
Don't run with scissors.
Brush your teeth.
Wash your hands.
Wash your hands again.
Drink your water.
Eat your vegtables.
Don't leave your dirty socks on the floor.
...and whatever you do....
Don't stand on the furniture and don't jump on the cushions!

So we're human.  Most of the time we behave. 
And the other times....well, you get the picture.

*yes, there is a flashlight hanging taped to the ceiling fan.  Just wait till they turned it on...the ceiling fan, that is. 

Nice to meet ya, Little Peanut.

Back in August, a dear friend of mine asked me to help plan, design, and photograph her baby's revealing party.  It was a load of fun!  Below are just a few of my favorite pictures, but most importantly is a fast forward to April when I got to photograph the adorable face of Little Peanut!  Welcome to the world Brecken!  It is so fun to get to hold the Little Mister we all celebrated!  Great job Ross and Kristen!


Last July, big sister took the plunge and made the snip snip. (click here for a refresher.) Then in February Mom decided it was time to take the plunge and snip snip.
Little sister was dying to follow suit.  Mom not so excited.  How could I bear seeing those baby curls disappear?!  But I was the whole family, even Dad.  So it happened.

TEN INCHES.  What's a mom to do...cry, smile, try to glue it back on?  Cut.Pass.Love. - the theme for an organization in Michigan that takes donations and makes wigs for children with hair loss for any reason.  (Children With Hair Loss)  With an 8 inch minimum, we all have made contributions this year - Emma 8", Mom 9", and now Hope made a donation of 10". 
Don't kid yourself though....this momma kept one of Hope's ponytails.  It hangs next to Emma's first cut from when she was five years old.  ya ya ya, I'm a sap....we all know it.

Who is more smitten?  Daddy or the four year old that thinks she is big stuff?