Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow, poop, sausage, blue mouth, colors, turtles and a woodpecker.

Watching the snow melt, Hope informs me she doesn't want it to all go way.  She likes it.  She likes to eat it.  But not eat yellow, brown, or gray snow.  Then she informed me without hesitation, "you know...poop and sausage look the same."

Yesterday in Sunday School, Hope came out with a coloring page of Jesus standing by the young boy who gave two fish and five loaves of bread to feed the 400.  Not all was colored, just some intensely small areas.  One of which was the inside of Jesus' mouth -all blue- and nothing more on his face.  I asked Hope what was going on there.  "Jesus has one GINORMOUS blueberry in his mouth."  Well, of course.

Today in the car, Hope was asking what the colors yellow and blue make.  Then white and red, blue and red, pink and purple, yellow and gold, brown and green, and so on...then without hesitation "do turtles bite?"

I'm not sure what goes on inside this gals head.  It's definitely colorful up there.  One thought bounces off another more rapidly than any ping pong match ever witnessed to man.

And for the record, if she comes into a room and says, "I'm a woodpecker!" prepared to see this......

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