Monday, March 16, 2015

See starts with "C"

Just spouting out some first letter sounds while playing a few days ago, Hope always gets caught up on the letter C.  Who could blame her...stupid stupid phonics, I mean really, give me a break. 
She was insistent on finding words that start with C even though I tried to distract her by going back to the letter P and B and M.  Seriously.
So here we go...candy, cuddle, cape, etc. 
"But Mom those are K words." 
I tried, again.  And again. 
After much debate, she concluded see starts with C.  And of course, why not? 
I tried, again.  And again.

After another round of much debate, Hope confirmed, "ooOOOOHHHhhhhh Mom, you ARE KINDA right."

Oh boy.  Well, at least we're finally getting somewhere after four years. ;)

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