Friday, March 6, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day, Yeah yeah yeah....

 Thursday night, school night, on top of a loaded week of know the kind of weeks "when it rains it pours."  But when Adam comes home with four VIP tickets to the Rock n Road Show, you drop everything and go.  Why?  Because the music is great....the seats are great...and this happens....

Jamie Grace.  She is my preteens role model and I couldn't be more proud.  When Emma's guitar teachers asks her what music she wants to learn, it's always a Jamie Grace song.  And if I can toot her horn a little bit, this 9 year old can ROCK Beautiful Day on her guitar! 
The poster hangs above her bed.  And now is adorned with one of the most adored autographs ever.  My heart skips a beat.

So worth getting home at 11:30 for.

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