Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Spring break 2015 officially kicked off last Friday.  Emma took full advantage of sleeping in, and kicking back with some Scooby Doo instead of catching the big yellow machine that sucks her up every morning.  But sit around all day, we can not.  So the two girls and myself headed out on the town for a girl's date.

We found ourselves at the movie theater.  Tickets for Disney's Cinderella movie.  What's another few hours of my life sucked up from Disney and it's twinkling stories of glitter and prince charmings.  -blah-

But oh my. 

Disney did it g-o-o-d.  Of course there was a fairy Godmother and a good girl that caught the eye of her prince, BUT it was so much more than that.  Each scene was a beautiful tribute to Cinderella's compassionate heart.  Her love for all living things, her willingness to serve, and her courage to forgive. 

Kudos Disney.  Thank you for showing how evilness and materialism brings sorrow, and where ever there is kindness there is goodness. 

And nothing made it better than Hope on my lap and Emma sharing our arm rest.  We three girls took in every breath of the movie together.
And. I'm. So. Glad.

Dear Emma and Hope, 
Have courage.  Have kindness.  You are beautiful sisters that already show signs of a compassionate heart in each of you. 
Talk to the animals.  Serve even the meanest.  Love people, not things.
Where ever there is kindness, there is goodness.  Promise.
xoxo, Mom
Sleepover in with their buddy, Hank.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Union Elementary 2015 Art Show presents (drum-roll please!)  Emma Lillie and her masterpiece! I love it.  Love it so much, that for a mere $19.00 I bought it framed and all.  Steal of a deal! 
It hangs in our entryway and presents itself to everyone who walks through our home. 
Proud as punch, I am of this talented gal!

Hat and boots.

A little girl with a hat.  Pulling her wagon.  Her wagon stuffed full of friends.
She adds a big sister.  A big sister wearing boots.  And she sings.

They play.  And play.  And play some more.

The little girl dumps off her big sister in boots.

There once was a girl in a hat.  She pulled a wagon.  Her wagon was stuffed full of friends.

Parenting can come back and bite ya.

"Hey mom, can I buy something?"
"Did you bring your money," I ask.

[insert silence which means wheels cranking inside brain]

"I'll just use your money!"
"What?  You can't just use my money," I reply
"But mom, you want to be a share-er don't you?  It is nice to share, ya know."

Oy - that girl! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

See starts with "C"

Just spouting out some first letter sounds while playing a few days ago, Hope always gets caught up on the letter C.  Who could blame her...stupid stupid phonics, I mean really, give me a break. 
She was insistent on finding words that start with C even though I tried to distract her by going back to the letter P and B and M.  Seriously.
So here we go...candy, cuddle, cape, etc. 
"But Mom those are K words." 
I tried, again.  And again. 
After much debate, she concluded see starts with C.  And of course, why not? 
I tried, again.  And again.

After another round of much debate, Hope confirmed, "ooOOOOHHHhhhhh Mom, you ARE KINDA right."

Oh boy.  Well, at least we're finally getting somewhere after four years. ;)

Lovein' some 9 yr old passion.

Either the our walls are super thin, or someone sings EXTRA loud in the shower. 
Whichever way, I really like it. 
A lot.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow, poop, sausage, blue mouth, colors, turtles and a woodpecker.

Watching the snow melt, Hope informs me she doesn't want it to all go way.  She likes it.  She likes to eat it.  But not eat yellow, brown, or gray snow.  Then she informed me without hesitation, "you know...poop and sausage look the same."

Yesterday in Sunday School, Hope came out with a coloring page of Jesus standing by the young boy who gave two fish and five loaves of bread to feed the 400.  Not all was colored, just some intensely small areas.  One of which was the inside of Jesus' mouth -all blue- and nothing more on his face.  I asked Hope what was going on there.  "Jesus has one GINORMOUS blueberry in his mouth."  Well, of course.

Today in the car, Hope was asking what the colors yellow and blue make.  Then white and red, blue and red, pink and purple, yellow and gold, brown and green, and so on...then without hesitation "do turtles bite?"

I'm not sure what goes on inside this gals head.  It's definitely colorful up there.  One thought bounces off another more rapidly than any ping pong match ever witnessed to man.

And for the record, if she comes into a room and says, "I'm a woodpecker!"  .....be prepared to see this......

Friday, March 6, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day, Yeah yeah yeah....

 Thursday night, school night, on top of a loaded week of activities....you know the kind of weeks "when it rains it pours."  But when Adam comes home with four VIP tickets to the Rock n Road Show, you drop everything and go.  Why?  Because the music is great....the seats are great...and this happens....

Jamie Grace.  She is my preteens role model and I couldn't be more proud.  When Emma's guitar teachers asks her what music she wants to learn, it's always a Jamie Grace song.  And if I can toot her horn a little bit, this 9 year old can ROCK Beautiful Day on her guitar! 
The poster hangs above her bed.  And now is adorned with one of the most adored autographs ever.  My heart skips a beat.

So worth getting home at 11:30 for.