Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just how she rolls.

8:30 pm on a school night and the girls talking me into staying up past bed time and watch just one more show.  Ya ya ya, I know, pushover.  The deal, was to have teeth brushed and jammies on so no dilly-dally once 9:00 ticked over.  And so they did...well almost.

Jammies on both girls snuggle up next to me.  I asked if they brushed their teeth.  Emma jumps up and admits she forgot and hustles upstairs to complete the task.  Hope on the other hand....
"You did?  You really brushed your teeth?" I ask.
"Sure did."
"Are you telling me the truth?  When did you do it?" I continue to press.
Silence and shaking of the head as she looks down at the floor.
"arg.  Dang it." and she drags her lead filled feet up the stairs.

Yes, the four year old says such words.
-sigh- dang it. ;)

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