Thursday, January 8, 2015


Isn't grace wonderful?  Even if it's just a little.  Just a little to cover the little things.  Let's take this blog for example.  How much grace does this momma get for just now starting to post about our 2014 Christmas happenings?  OK, maybe a little won't do it, and a bigger bucket is in store.  But either way, I am thankful no matter how hard I try to "make it all happen," we have grace standing right beside us ready to gently coat us with it's loving flow....or in my case just plain 'ol slap me silly.

So let's talk Christmas in these next few posts!
This year was a transforming year in the Phipps' house...our motto: "Keep it simple."  And so we did.  Maybe so much, that we needed that grace to help glaze over our did-we-just-really-forget-that-moments.  Like the gift made up for our mail-carrier that I found sitting on the dryer four days after Christmas....And. I. Ate. It.  Or the move to actually put up the Christmas red bows and tree trimmings that are STILL sitting in the garage.  Or how about Christmas cards?
Ya, those things didn't happen.  But there were some pretty awesome things that did.  Things like decorating a small humble tree with only the kids ornaments.  Instead of a long list of gifts for each and ever person we cast breath on over the year, we spent energy collecting and giving gifts to the homeless neighbors in our community.  Then there were the decorations that stayed up in the attic and kid-made decorations got taped up on the wall instead, even crooked.  Crooked?  Whoa.  (Disclaimer: crooked makes my every one of my inner most cells go completely insane.)    And the big one - simple travel.  Oh yes, the biggest mountain to tackle every year, "how to be in seven distant places within three days."

....and we did it.  We managed to travel simply, spend time at home, play with Legos, give simply and honestly, serve in our own church Christmas Eve service, cuddle, watch movies, and play more Legos.
Don't get me wrong, doing all the extras and keeping busy is fun and entertaining, but simple was pretty good too.  All in all, every year comes with an abundance of grace.   .....and a fun selfie.

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