Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Helping Emma with a math problem last during homework time.  She states, "Mom your numbers look just like Dad's.  I guess that happens when you are married that long...ya know, your numbers start looking the same.  Freeeekeeeey!"

Sure.  Whatever.

However, the next round of statements that came from her mouth kinda really freaked me out. 
Here's how it went down...
E - You know else is freaky?
M- What?
E - How kids can look like their dad's.
[me pause and give her the look of "huh?"]
E - You know, 'cause they come out of the mom.  She makes them, so isn't it freaky that some kids look like their dads?
[-gulp- think fast, so not ready to have THIS conversation]
M - Well, I guess that's just the wonderful work of God.
E - Ya but don't you think it's freaky?  I mean how does that work?  The moms seriously do make the babies, how does the dad get in there to make a kid look like him?
M - Ummmmmm, ask me when you're older.
M - Emma, is your math done?  Just get it

[shew.]  I'm totally freaked out and need to go sit down.

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