Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Helping Emma with a math problem last during homework time.  She states, "Mom your numbers look just like Dad's.  I guess that happens when you are married that long...ya know, your numbers start looking the same.  Freeeekeeeey!"

Sure.  Whatever.

However, the next round of statements that came from her mouth kinda really freaked me out. 
Here's how it went down...
E - You know else is freaky?
M- What?
E - How kids can look like their dad's.
[me pause and give her the look of "huh?"]
E - You know, 'cause they come out of the mom.  She makes them, so isn't it freaky that some kids look like their dads?
[-gulp- think fast, so not ready to have THIS conversation]
M - Well, I guess that's just the wonderful work of God.
E - Ya but don't you think it's freaky?  I mean how does that work?  The moms seriously do make the babies, how does the dad get in there to make a kid look like him?
M - Ummmmmm, ask me when you're older.
M - Emma, is your math done?  Just get it

[shew.]  I'm totally freaked out and need to go sit down.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just how she rolls.

8:30 pm on a school night and the girls talking me into staying up past bed time and watch just one more show.  Ya ya ya, I know, pushover.  The deal, was to have teeth brushed and jammies on so no dilly-dally once 9:00 ticked over.  And so they did...well almost.

Jammies on both girls snuggle up next to me.  I asked if they brushed their teeth.  Emma jumps up and admits she forgot and hustles upstairs to complete the task.  Hope on the other hand....
"You did?  You really brushed your teeth?" I ask.
"Sure did."
"Are you telling me the truth?  When did you do it?" I continue to press.
Silence and shaking of the head as she looks down at the floor.
"arg.  Dang it." and she drags her lead filled feet up the stairs.

Yes, the four year old says such words.
-sigh- dang it. ;)

a little lunch + a little game = A Big Deal

Two little ladies and one stay at home momma...we do the best we can.  Or do we I?
Sometimes my mind starts racing as I work on projects here at home from chores to sewing orders.  I've sat the four year old in front of her shows, and the other one is at school so no worries, right?  Ya, it's OK I can tell my brain....but man oh man, the days I flip the tables the world around here changes.  And that's a big deal.

Today, the day of no excuses and no more "just a minutes or hang ons." 
11:50 Hope and I packed up our lunches and drove into Emma's school to eat with her.  Gosh, I just love seeing that serious face walk into the cafe' with eyes wondering every direction....then spot ya, and her eyes light up and become fixated on the little sister and mom as the speed in her step increases when she gallops to us.  Better yet, she tags one of her friends and even though I can't hear them, I can read Emma's lips, "do you want to sit with me and my mom?"  The friend's smile about pops her cheeks off and they both are moving fast now.  And then two more join our table.  These girls are gems.  I love the friends Emma has chosen.  They laugh, they take turns talking, they talk at the same time, then laugh some more.  Emma, the ring leader (yes would you have ever imagined that?) sits with barely a gap between us.  This was a big deal to her.

When we get home, I spot the princess tower game set up.  ....and I spy game.  .....and match game.  But my list, what about my list?  Whatever, I got a little game playing to do.  (add in some hot chocolate too.)  Fun stuff to watch the wheels in Hope's head while we play the games.  She's four.  She loves four year old stuff.  I love watching her love four year stuff.  No pushing her to the next level or learning something new, just good 'ol four year playing.  This is a big deal to her.

Not the day I set out to have, but it was a day that we had. 
My job is a big deal...when I take time for the little things.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Allie Cat!

Miss Allie turns 6 today!  These pictures are from over the Christmas holidays as we celebrate this gem a little early in IN.  But in TN today is the real deal - hope it's a fun one Allie Cat!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

And that's a wrap.

 It was the year of "get rid of all the blue wrapping paper."
It was the year of best buddy dog, Hank.

 It was the year Jesus had a Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

 It was the year of Legos...and Chucks.

 It was the year of Papaw's ugly sweater T-shirt.

 It was the year of Mamaw.  xoxo
 It was the year of cousins.

 It was the year of gifts for the individual personalities.

 It was the year of grandparents.
 It was a year of lots of snapping to get just one photo.

It was indeed a great Christmas, this 2014 year.  And that's a wrap.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Goes a little somethin' like this...

Christmas 2014, Emma Lillie (9) and Hope Kaylynn (4)

9 and 6

"We temporarily interrupt these Christmas postings to bring you a birthday.  This is only a test and we will return back to the normal broadcasting shortly."

Ha Ha!  Who has a double birthday in December????  These two knuckleheads, that's who.  Always fun to party with this crew - Happy Birthday Micah (9) and Amaya (6)!

Thursday, January 8, 2015