Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stinkin' Disney movie.

So Disney comes out with this huge box office hit of a movie last year called "Frozen." Every heard of it? [sarcasm please leave the room now]  So anyhow, riding the coat tail of this Ice Queen phenomenon was the worst winter ever with low temps and multiple dumps of snow.  Ever heard of the Polar Vortex?  [did sarcasm reenter the room?]  Ya, that's how it worked.  Somehow, Disney and Mother Nature made a friendship last winter to drive all us trapped in the house mommas of Elsa singing, movie quoting, four year olds, go completely insane.

And they did it again.

Halloween 2014.  One trillion little girls dressing up like Disney's princess that freezes everything she touches.  Are we surprised it snowed?  Fo' real people.  Fourth time in Indiana's history.  Of course it was warm leading up to the day, but on trick-or-treat night, the flurries set in and it. was. cold. 
Bravo Disney, bravo.  And how DO you do it?!?!?!?

Presenting Queen Elsa (please don't turn Hank into ice) and self-proclaimed princess, Emma Lillie!

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