Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jumping around.

We were leaving a restaurant and while Adam and I got everything in order as we left the table, I see Hope 30 feet ahead of us pushing the door open to the outside...the outside busy sidewalk close to a very busy street.  I do the forget-we-are-in-public-mother-voice and yell "HOPE STOP, never leave without Mom or Dad!"  She replied, "but I have on my sweatshirt."

My dear Emma.  Miss math superstar.  She test crazy above her peers, loves algebra (yes, she's just 9) and can find a medium/mean/mode like speed demon.  Yet a few days ago she sporadically ask me, "Mom, is 7 million dollars a lot of money?"  

Marianna, ohhhhh have graced our family in so many ways.  I am constinently amazed how you take the credit for wrong doings when Hope is around.  You're such a good friend.  And I hear you're moving in with us?  Awesome.  Tell Tomtee and Tuteah we said hello.

POLKA DOT.  A phrase I will yell out loud while driving down the road when I see a school bus...and no one else in the car with me.

Helping Hope dry off after her bath, she yells, "AHHH HANK!"  After just tending a few weeks ago to this old dog's medical issues of a gross messy matter, I quickly turn around to see what was disturbing this time.  uh, nothing.....he was just laying there.  So I direct myself back to Hope and inquire why the freaking out about the dog.  She told me, "he's naked!!!  He should put some clothes on so we don't have to look at him naked!"

And one more random dialog.....
Emma: I love this song. I want to learn to play it on my guitar.
Adam: We can probably find the music on the Internet. You don't have to wait on Jake (her guitar teacher)
Hope: Jake from State Farm?!...

Sometimes these random day-to-day things bounce all over the insides of my itty-bitty brain, so please excuse my jumping around.

And speaking of jumping around, this happened a while back.....
Someone call the chiropractor...and family shrink.

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