Sunday, October 26, 2014

And the "Fancy Nancy days" continue....

We have Fancy Nancy days. They started when Emma was four and fell in love with the children's books. Since then, we have made them a special, yet rare, occasion in this home as you can see in older postings.  This time is was Hope's first solo run with it.  The excitement was through the roof!!!  With no bars on her choice of fancy attire, she proudly skipped to this beat...

Our fancy journey took us to "bites" - a new dessert bar in town.  It had fancy seats, ya know.  And after reading our books and sulking in our fancy treats, Hope decided to do a little dance.  Then it was off to Target with her chore money weighing down her carefully selected fancy purse for the day. 
She bought Legos.  And couldn't wait to get home to test them out.  Fancy is as fancy does.

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