Tuesday, September 23, 2014

These are the days.

I love the age four.  Don't get me wrong, I have loved my children from day one and have special memories from every stage in their life....but four....four
This four year old is unpredictable, imaginative, corky, dressing herself, and just when you think she isn't listening - she is.

Most of her drawings, up to this point, have been crazy, ten second, scratches.  Sometimes she will call them something, but most times, she admits it isn't anything.  She has shown absolutely ZERO interest in drawing or coloring.  I mean there hasn't even been a "draw a circle."

Then this happened.....
...out of the blue one night before supper.  We were informed it's our family.  Dad is the tallest, then mom, then the two in the middle are Emma and Hope.  The little gal on the far left, that's Marianna.
Where did this come from?!?!?!!!  The girl that won't even draw a circle, pumps out a drawing with stick figures including hands and appropriate heights!?! 

My dearest Hopers,
You are one spunky kid.  You are unpredictable and keep me on my toes.  I'm not certain as to what goes on in your mind, but one thing is for sure - it. is. loaded.   Loaded with everyday things you are around and consumed by.  You are a sponge.  You don't let people know this until you are ready, on your time.  I can't imagine the plans God has for you in life.  Watch out world!  ;)
Love you to the moon and back, Mom

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