Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So my cousin got married to a beautiful bride...
And because my cousin got married, Emma and Hope got to meet one of their cousins for the first time.  Let's clear a few things up, though...define cousin.  See growing up for me, a cousin was the children of our parent's brother or sister.  Then when I married my husband's family, the definition of cousin broadened a little.  OK, a lot.  See in his family cousin means; the children of your parent's brother or sisters, the children of your cousins, the cousin of your children's cousin, the children of the children of the cousin's cousin, and the neighbor.  For real.  And when one cousin does something...all the cousins are there.  It's a hoot.

So raising our kids with their Dad's cousin-ness fun-ness, I give you Emma, Hope and Andre'.  Andre' lives in Colorado with his dad and mom (my cousin).  And it was pretty fun watching the three of them pick up as if they had meet a million times before.  Even their outfits played the part!

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