Monday, September 15, 2014

Bolivia MIssion Trip 2014 - "No translation needed for laughter."

After we met, Nayerli and I were able to spend a few days together. With translators close by, we were able to have a great time learning about each other. Being able to see her world, her friends, what she plays, what she likes and about her family was a wonderful experience.  Moments shared together are forever etched in my mind and in my heart.  This child was meant to have more impact on me than I ever will her.
On Friday, July 11, our group was able to take our sponsored children to a beautiful park.  For Nayerli, this was the first time she had ever left her community of dirt roads and rode a bus into the city.
The children met us at out hotel.  There eyes were huge.  Nayerli ask me if it was my house.  As we rode the bus through the city to the park, she carefully took in every-single-thing.  Many times she would awe and point at things that seem so common.  The honest excitement she had pouring out was enough to make my entire journey worth it.
At the park we fed the goldfish, enjoyed playgrounds, zip-lines, waterfalls, go-carts, huge slides, gorgeous gardens and a wonderful spread for lunch.  It was such a relaxing and joyful day.  Watching kids be kids (and big kids be kids) brought everything to an "in the now moment."  Hearing the sponsor children laugh and squill was the best symphony score I have ever heard. 

 I love this the moon and back.

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