Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bolivia Mission Trip 2014 - "Chow is just the beginning."

Sunday we worshiped with our Bolivian family, and then had to say chow to our friends.  Saying bye is never easy to do.  Never.  Not a fan of it.  But we can't argue with God's timing and his plan for the future.  The relationships made between a group of 14 Americans and this community is amazing.  Without interpreters, we would never be able to understand each other, but yet at the same time the heart speaks the same language....leaving so much communication understandable.  And one thing is for sure...it doesn't end with "chow."

 As Nayerli and I held hands, we knew it was time to say good bye.  Her very shy personality that mainly consist of "I'll speak to you if you go first" took me off guard when she looked at out interpreter and spoke.  She had the interpreter ask me, "she would like to know if it is OK to give you a kiss."  YES.

 I love this girl to the moon and back and back and back again.  She is becoming a beautiful queen.

I gave in to a God I didn't know
And now everything is falling into place
A brand new life is calling and I owe it all to grace

It's so much brighter living in Your world
Savior, what you did for me
You gave me something I want everyone to see
When we struggle and it all goes wrong
Only You can make it right
So I say
Oh I'm learning to be the light
I'm learning to be the light

Oh God I just want to love on everyone
All I have is Yours to give so let the people come

I'm learning to be the light
That makes the shadows hide
I'm learning to be the light
The light that breaks the curse of pride
I'm learning to be the light
he light that takes the weary in it's arms

Newworldson - Learning to be the Light

Mission team and Bolivian Compassion leaders, pastors, and leaders with families.

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