Monday, September 15, 2014

Boliva Mission Trip 2014 - "Happiness."

Standing outside Nayerli's Aunt's home I took the above photos.  These are the roads she walks daily to school, the Compassion Project, and to see her friends.  It puts in perspective the bliss she had in the photos from the last post as we visited the park.  It is easy to look at those pictures and understand the happiness she encountered at the park.
However, there was one moment at the park that pictures can not begin to translate.  There are very few words that even come close to describe the moment Nayerli got to wear a bathing suit and play in clean clear water for the first time.
Her eyes...oh her eyes, when I handed her the bathing suit I brought her.
The giggles as she and her friends came out of the bathroom stalls.
They way they sheepishly walked from the bathroom to the waterfalls trying to cover themselves with their backpacks, giggling all the way.

Then the moment they first felt the water.

The laughter,
girly screams,
excitement... puts the cliche saying "like a kid at Christmas" to shame.

Imagine an 8 yr old experiencing all these things for the very first time.  I brought home these pictures, but I can't begin to describe the emotions and feelings as these moments took place for her...and for me. 

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