Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of third grade.

So it's true, third grade is happening.  We knew it would...eventually.  All ready for a new year of exciting things, she strategically picked out her favorite outfit and necklace paired with a hair-clip and new-do.  Homemade waffles down, teeth brushed, new shoes on, glasses and packed lunch in backpack.  Ready, set, go.

For those of you that have followed this blog for awhile, know that we have staged the first day of school pictures by our front door every year.  This way we can see "how many bricks you have grown."  Usually I add a link -here- so you can flip back and see the change.  Not this year.  I'm in denial that she's growing up. 

 It wasn't long after the bus rounded the corner, little sis took charge and wiped that chalkboard clean.  She was busy adding her own art.  She turned it around saying, "taaaa-daaaa!"  Expecting to find one of her Picasso like drawings, rather this was the message...
That little squirt adores her sister I tell ya.  Even welcomed her home with big hug.  And just so everyone knows, we got a big two thumbs up from Emma.  Third grade sounds like it is going to be pretty cool!

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