Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Lego, pair of tweezers, and a tiny nose.

Why do mom's take showers?  Really, it should just be forbidden.  Or done at two in the morning when all is sleeping, but at that I still think it is risky.

Taking my shower this morning, I left Hope watching some Mickey Mouse.  Normal day, right?  Wrong.  Mid shower I hear what sounds to be crying in the distance.  Then screaming.  And loud.  I jump out of the shower, two degrees south of slipping on a wet floor, and yell, "HOPE ARE YOU OK?!"  I get a sobbing reply, "noooooooooo."  Then come to me, I tell her as I scramble for a towel (which let's face it, it really did nothing, because a mother's instinctive reactions towards a child in trouble does not take time to wrap and secure a towel.)
We meet at the bathroom door.  Hope utters the painful words...

"There's a Lego stuck up my nose."

What?  What?  WHAT?  So a lot of things went through my head in exactly the next .03 milla-seconds.  Things like; I've heard of this, but it usually is with boys...How did she stuff a Lego up her nose....Why....Should I just take her to the ER....Why.....I'm naked....This stuff really happens to kids....Why....How....Should I look?

I looked.  Sure enough, a nice, tiny, pink flower has wedged it way up the right nostril - sideways.  Holding off all the obvious question I really wanted to ask, I stay calm and ask only one, "how many Legos are in your nose?"

"Just one."

Shew.  Ok, I can do this.  Stay calm.  Get the tweezers.  While I get the tweezers, snot is pouring down her nose from the frantic crying.  She cranks up a big sniff.  Well, that did it...take that Lego up farther.  Better work quickly mom!  I try one gander with the tweezers.  Hope is resistant.  Crying more, snotting more, screaming more.  Trying to get her to blow her nose was impossible and only led to a greater chance of more sniffing up.
Gently, quietly, "look up at the ceiling, Hope."  She did.  And with one more blindly entrance with tweezers, I nab the sucker.  Out it comes.  A bit mucus-y, but ya we got it.

Immediate snot wiping, and lots of long hugging.  She was calming down.  The tears are stopping, the screaming has quieted.  Stillness.  We did it kid.  Mission Lego-up-nose complete.

So after the racing heartbeat stepped back into a normal pace, I then start asking the obvious, whyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

According to our blond bombshell, she was taking a piece off her castle and this small piece "popped right off and went in my nose!"  Her scared nature when we met kinda leads me to believe she was telling the truth.  Especially since she had a Kleenex in her hand, telling me she already new it wasn't suppose to be there and was trying to wipe it out.  She said when it popped up, she wiped her nose with her hand (ya know, the universal kid wipe that is full flat handed and goes up making one have a pig nose.)

All in all, we had a big discussion on things in our nose...our ears....our mouth.  She concluded the conversation with, "mom that Lego was orange when it went in, but it came out pink."
-sigh-  and that's our Hope.

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