Friday, July 4, 2014

Extraordinary! (That's fancy for special.)

We have girls.  Girls like to be girly if you allow.  Usually we confine the girlishness inside our home walls...except for our "Fancy Nancy Days."  These days are far and few between, in fact only three have been partaken in.  This time we added a new Fancy to the group.  Hope got to join in and learn all about fancy dressing, fancy talking, and fancy acting....just like in the books (which we had been reading up on prior to this day.) 
Drum roll please........
"TA-DA!  My napkin matches my dress!" 
The girls have no holding back and get to wear whatever they choose from all the fanciest items they have.  This year, Emma is beginning to coordinate and get a little more sophisticated with her fanciness.  Hope...she was all over the place!  Changing her mind a million times before we left.  Tiara, no flower...purse, no wand...princess shoes, no sparkly shoes.....oh MY!
A fancy lunch at Serenity Tea House in Zionsville.  And a lovely walk alongside the brick street...I just love my poised girl and my skipping gal.  xoxo  And of course, we didn't turn annny heads.  oh-la-la!
After our walk, we ventured (that's a fancy word for go) to the Flying Cupcake in Carmel for a scrumptious (that's a fancy word for good) dessert.
And what would top off this fancy day?  None other than a tea party with some of our finest friends.  Popcorn, grapes, and cherries served with tea (water) and sugar cubes (mini marshmallows).
(I must say, Emma sets a royal tea party for her and her guests....Hope, wellllll, she's more like the bartender for the group.)
And there you have it.  Fancy Nancy Day 2014.  When I asked the girls their favorite part of the day there were two different answers - surprise!  Emma, my darling Emma, loved "getting dressed up."  Hope, without a second to spare, replied, "CUPCAKES."

One more picture before we put this day in memory mode (and go back to our grass stained toes and ponytails!)  Five years in the making for this one....

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