Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer break isn't a break if your name is Grandma.

Just after seeing the Mary Poppins show, the two girls headed home with their Grandma for some slumber party - cookie eating - craft making - game playing - summer fun.  After three days with both girls, Hope left Grandma's home so Emma could have some of that 100% attention....ya know the kind of attention Hope can get during the school year.  So another three days Emma got to enjoy the time at "camp Grandmas."

After picking Emma up on a Wednesday, she rested for a couple days and was ready to head to the other Grandma's house.  Suitcases get barely unpacked until they reload.  Emma and Hope were back on the road heading south this time and meeting their cousins.

Summer is made for "camp Grandmas."  And my kids are taking full advantage of it.  From Montpelier to Bedford, the stories they have are carving some precious memories for them to always have.  Staying up late playing My Father Owns a Grocery Store to throwing candy at the Judah Festival, I am so thankful my girls have these memories!

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